Design Information

Suhmo is a Slab Serif typeface with rounded Serifs. The proportions are inspired by the American Typewriter and Courier – at the same time many details were derived by neon tubes the inscriptions which one finds on restaurants from the 60s and 70s.

Top-line: FF Suhmo Light Italic, Bottom-line: FF Suhmo Black

Proportions with short Ascenders and Descenders

The typeface has very short ascenders and descenders and a generous x-height by which it is suited for the use in editorial-designs. It combines simplicity and functionality with playfulness and has many details like loops and swings and a slight stroke-contrast.
The characters work in a bigger display use just as in longer text passages. Consequently the details are drawn in a way, that they develop in smaller point dimensions nobody to big own way of life, in the enlargement, however, clear accents place.

Overview of the 4 weights Light, Regular, Bold und Black

FF Suhmo consists of 4 weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Black. The weights are designed that Light can be combined with Bold and Regular with Black.
Every Font has an extensive character with a lot of special characters, different figure types, to SmallCaps and extensive ligatures. The Italics are lighter than the upright and have a relatively light angle. The forms are strongly influenced by the writting process.